The Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of the fiber arts in Alaska. The guild seeks to promote the exhibition of fiber arts and to inform its members and the public through lectures, workshops and craft demonstrations.

Membership reminder
After the November meeting we dropped people who had not paid for the 2020-21 guild year from our InfoBlast mailing list and changed the password for the website’s members only area. Guild membership has been temporarily lowered to $25 this year. Please keep our community whole and thriving by joining us. We have a lot of really wonderful programs planned. Please go online to our website to join. You will be given the choice of paying online via PayPal or sending us a check.

Please click HERE to enroll or renew.

Member Meeting, May 8 at 10am with Maja Siska — Ode to Sheep.

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Newsletter Submissions
As always, we love photos and articles from our members. Did you learn something new that you want to share? Was there a textile book or a new tool you want to review? Share your progress or lessons learned on your newest project. Pam will do a wonderful job compiling it!

President's Post
This is my last letter as president! It has been a wild year. I am very mindful of how terrible COVID has been for those who have lost loved ones or have had other mental, physical or financial hardships due to COVID. It has made me extremely grateful to have been so mildly impacted. I have never been more thankful for good health and financial stability. I am very grateful to all the wonderful guild mem¬bers, since you have all helped my mental health, by keeping me busy and giving me focus.

While I had to shelve my travel hobby, I was able to feed my textile hobby; from using stash to taking too many online classes. I have learned a lot, but I will need another year or two to practice all I have learned! It amazes me how important my textile hobbies are for my mental health. While I might have said this two years ago, this year really drove the point home.

Wishing everyone a lovely summer. Hope to see some of you at our Trunk sale (date/location TBA via InfoBlast) and the summer camping gala at K’esugi Ken the last weekend in July.


A Call for Volunteers/Officers for 2021/2022 AWSG Year!
The best part of the Anchorage Weavers & Spinners Guild are the volunteers who contribute a great wealth of diverse knowledge. Our organization is rich with creative and technical skill. There is a great organization of volunteers who make that happen!

We are looking to fill officer and committee positions for the upcoming year. Please consider taking on a role either as a primary or backup position. Not sure if you can do it? We have supportive staff members willing to share their experience. It is much easier to learn a new role with the support of the current and outgoing staff.  

Gwen Mathew and Lorri Wright are forming a nominating committee to fill the positions in January 2021. We are looking for volunteers for the nominating committee as well as volunteers for the upcoming year. If interested, please contact:
Gwen Mathew at emerald@gci.net
Lorri Wright at lorrihome@live.com or mobile (907) 360-0276