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The Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of the fiber arts in Alaska. The guild seeks to promote the exhibition of fiber arts and to inform its members and the public through lectures, workshops and craft demonstrations.

We hold monthly meetings from September through May, often featuring a guest speaker. at 10:00 a.m. the second Saturday of the month at the First Congregational Christian Church, 2610 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99508. Entrance and parking on the lower, east side parking area only. Other Guild activities include beginning weaving and spinning classes, workshops led by professional instructors, demonstration of weaving and spinning at local events, participation in the Alaska State Fair, and fiber retreats.

Membership Renewal Time Again….

It is membership time again.  Our guild uses a fiscal year starting in September and ending in August.  For years our annual dues were $25 a year.  But our costs have increased a lot recently.  We out grew our previously free meeting location and now pay for our monthly meeting location.  Plus we need liability insurance before anyone will rent us meeting, classroom or retreat space.  Last year the membership voted and approved an increase in annual dues from $25 to $45 to cover these increases in cost.

Please take a moment and renew your membership.  We value all members.  We have a new online form that collects your information. 

After you enter your information on the form and click “SUBMIT” you will get links to pay using PayPal and get the address to mail in a check if you prefer.  Nicole Putnam has to compile the membership list, and is very excited about the new form.  No more struggling to read handwriting or making typos that cause emails to bounce back.  We still have a paper form you can complete at the September meeting if you prefer.

Each year we compile member information into a directory that is ONLY available to members.  We find this very helpful in networking outside of meetings.  You may choose to be omitted from the directory or to withhold any part of your information.  We never share any of this information outside AWSG.  We respect your privacy.

Welcome to a new and special year. (President's message)

It’s a real joy to me to be thoroughly engaged in my various fiber creations as I am sure it is for you. The guild is the place to go to share and learn more about our crafts. We have a full slate of special programs. We have our normal special programs after each meeting thanks to all the hard work of both Laurene and Terry. We will be asking you what short course skills you might like to learn. We hope to add more content to some of the year's programs after the meeting. Also under consideration is to expand on the Fiber Fling Saturdays and do a few short course skills in a single Fiber Fling. These are meant to help us learn targeted skills. We all have little gaps in our knowledge. We hope to fill some of these gaps with an extra course/program taught by fellow guild members. Some of these will be an introduction to a skill that hopefully help trigger your further explorations. We have two weaving and two spinning workshops that look exciting and will help us further our knowledge. Thank you to
Nicole and Sherry for heading up the weaving workshops as well as the weaving short courses to come.

Thank you to Linda, Michelle and Sarah leading us to further spinning heights of knowledge and skills through both workshops and short courses.. I hope the focus of my year as president will be education.

Aubrey Campbell is spearheading coordinating and sharing our skills with the community.

As many of you know I am out of the area. I'm in Connecticut waiting on the birth of a new grandchild. My daughter asked me to come help a month ahead of the due date. I'll be gone in August and most of September. How long I'm gone depends on when the baby is born and how much I'm needed. My daughter has had a rough pregnancy, thus the need for the extra mom help. Gwen Matthew, our VP, is taking over some of my guild responsibilities. Thank you Gwen. Your support is much appreciated.

The weekend prior to my husband flying back to Anchorage we were able to drive up to Walden Pond where we hiked around most of the pond and saw where Thoreau built his tiny cabin. The park included a replica of his tiny cabin. I figured I could fit one small loom in addition to the bed and the table and chair he had. LOL. Of course I wouldn't be able to move around much with all that in the tiny cabin, but when you're determined you accomplish much. We then went to Plymouth, and drove up Cape Cod. I found a yarn shop on the Cape Cod drive. I bought some locally dyed yarn. One was called Lobster Roll and the other was called Hydrangea. I love the sense of humor. The owner's grandparents lived outside Fairbanks. We live in a small world. Her store was inspiring. She has many wonderful plans. We, of course, have many dyers, etc. and shop owners in our region and we need to support them to help them keep their businesses open and thriving to fulfill our needs.

As always we need plenty of volunteers and In the words of the Nike slogan, Just Do It.

Your President,
Carol Koford