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Tips and Tricks of our Trade

The understanding of the many facets of Fiber Arts comes from books, journals, trial & error, our fellow fiber artists, and from experimentation. Many of us are guilty, in that our discoveries and/or shortcuts are not often shared - we assume that everyone else already knows it. NOT! The smallest thought or idea may actually be a goldmine of info for someone else. So on this web site, if your brilliant idea and/or discovery is not listed, its not known! Please share. Send your fiber arts related tips and tricks to be shared.

The online "Mother of All - Weavers' Yarn Calculator" by Marg Coe is an outstanding tool for planning your next loom project. This online spreadsheet can be used to calculate yarn requirements for weaving projects and includes yardage required for sectional warping. Click on MoA Calulator Live under Resources.

Marg Coe also has links to other wonderful resourses including dye calculation sheets.

Uses for Velcro:
Lashing onto your back beam when warping back to front.
Adhesive Velcro on lease sticks to hold them together while threading