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Upcoming Workshops:

Spinning Classes with Amelia Garripoli - December 5-7, 2014
There are five separate three-hour workshops scheduled:

    Yarn Design – Fri. evening, Dec. 5 (5:30 – 8:30 pm)
    Fast Draw -- Mastering Long Draw – Sat. morning, Dec. 6 (9 am – noon)
    Fleece to Yarn – Sat. afternoon, Dec. 6 (1 – 4 pm)
    Designing Blends – Sun. morning, Dec. 7 (9 am – noon)
    Spinning Blends: the long and short of it – Sun. afternoon, Dec. 7 (1 – 4 pm)
You can pick and choose which ones you would like to attend. Please be aware that each session has its own sign up genius link.
Class costs include fiber and handout costs. PDF of Amelia Garripoli classes.

Bio for Amelia:
Amelia hosts the website: http://askthebellwether.blogspot.com/ If you have never visited this site, you really should. She had been posting very informative posts for years over a wide range of topics: from fiber, to spinning to weaving. Her posts are thoughtful and her knowledge sharing is generous.

She has been a large proponent of spindle spinning. She self-publish a wonderful book called “Productive Spindling”. She has published articles in both Spin-Off and Ply magazines. She has been teaching spinning classes to various guilds and fiber festivals for years.

Yarn Design – Fri. evening, Dec. 5 (5:30 – 8:30 pm)
How many ways can there be to make a new yarn? In this workshop we’ll ply up a storm of new creations! We’ll start with cables and Navajo plying, dive in to illegal twist and regaining balance, explore methods for color play, and take off with boucle. If there’s time, we’ll launch into new combinations building on what we’ve done.

Participants to bring: spinning wheel or e-spinner in working condition with an empty bobbin, or spindles in several weights. (Spindles may not be able to spin all yarns covered.)

Register online: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4ba4ac2aa1fc1-frievening

Fast Draw -- Mastering Long Draw – Sat. morning, Dec. 6 (9 am – noon)
The long draw is a fabulous way to make lots of soft yarn, and fast -- or to make the highly durable yarn we see from South America, also fast. In this workshop we take small steps toward long draw, to make it approachable and achievable. The various forms of long draw are explored so you can discover what works for you. We will discuss wheel tuning, muscle memory, and training aids as we explore this fun way to dance with our wheels. Yes, you can master the long draw.

Participants to bring: a wheel in working order and an empty bobbin. Long draw is hard to accomplish with Irish Tension (found on many Louet wheels) and with WooLee Winders, so a wheel with Scotch Tension or Double Drive without WooLee Winder is preferred.

Register online: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4ba4ac2aa1fc1-satmorning1

Fleece to Yarn – Sat. afternoon, Dec. 6 (1 – 4 pm)
Love fleece, but don’t have the budget for fiber processing tools? Find the thought of processing an entire fleece overwhelming? Learn how to choose a fleece, skirt, wash, and spin without further preparation. No carding, no combing. Along the way we will explore fiber processing with minimal tools, how to spin locks for smooth yarn or for fluffy yarn. We will cover techniques to spin worsted to woolen with washed fleece, with just your hands. Find out how many yarns you can spin from one fleece. Reach the satisfaction of a yarn well spun from a gorgeous fleece.

This is one of Amelia’s signature workshops, focusing on her goal to make spinning accessible to everyone -- it takes very little to turn fleece into yarn, armed with the right skills and knowledge. This workshop shows you how!

Participants to bring: spinning wheel or e-spinner in working condition with an empty bobbin, or spindles in several weights.

Register online: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4ba4ac2aa1fc1-satafternoon1

Designing Blends – Sun. morning, Dec. 7 (9 am – noon)
With a goal in mind, you can design a blend rather than randomly combining fibers on your drum carder to see what works. In this workshop, we look at fiber properties and blend goals, and create planned blends. Wool, silk, angora, alpaca and mohair - each fiber has its own traits. See why we blend and how fibers change a blend. We will test-blend on handcards and then make our final blends on drum carders. You will take your batt home for its final test: spinning into yarn or felting into fabric. Gain an understanding of blends that will have you looking at fiber in a new way.

Participants to bring: If you have them, bring handcards, blending board and a drum carder. If you have particular fibers of your own to ask about, feel free to bring them. Participants should come prepared with an initial goal for their blend, that is, a finished item for which their blend would be optimal.

Register online: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4ba4ac2aa1fc1-sunmorning

Spinning Blends: the long and short of it – Sun. afternoon, Dec. 7 (1 – 4 pm)

You spin wool. You spin silk. You even spin angora and alpaca. But those blends that look so colorful and interesting in the bag never seem to spin into the yarn of your dreams. Learn what to look for in blends to get the yarn you want. Explore spinning methods to maximize the fibers and colors in the blends. And, find out how to make blends yourself, on hand cards, when spinning, and when plying.

Participants to bring: a working wheel, three empty bobbins and a lazy kate. Handcards if you have them. Spindle spinners also welcome, bring your favorites spindles in a range of weights, and handcards (optional).

Register online: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4ba4ac2aa1fc1-sunafternoon1

If you sign up online your slot IS NOT confirmed until your deposit is received. Without a deposit you could lose your slot. Deposit is 50% of the total class cost. Per guild policy, you must be a paid member to sign up and if you cannot attend class, you will lose your deposit, unless you “transfer” your slot to another unregistered member.

If you do not want to sign up online you can print this registration form, and follow the form’s instruction on where to send the form and the check.


"Pretty Colors"
Multi colored rovings for a Spinning for Color class taught by Deb Menz.



Long time knitter, spinner par excellence Gayle Andrus took a beginning rigid heddle weaving class this past year. Photographed here by Mary Werner is her very first hand woven project, a beautiful bag, using handspun fibers and embellished with beads.

Gayle was pleased to have had her bag displayed at a First Friday Art Show at Changepoint Church where she also demonstrated drop spindle spinning. Gayle’s husband made the display stand for the bag.

purse - closed    purse - open


The natural dyeing class was tons of fun.
Gathered the dye supplies...

dye suppliesdyeing setup

and had some fun!


Every color of the rainbow!

dyed yarn


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