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Upcoming Workshops:

Workshop Report: Crackle Weaving (Christine Dittrich)
We have just finished a fabulous 3 day Crackle Workshop with Susan Wilson. Crackle is a twill weave block structure originally brought to the United States from Sweden. One of its great attributes is that it allows for tremendous color and texture variation. You get a HUGE bang for your buck! ­The design options are just about endless! Susan deftly combined lecture and practice and we were rapidly on our way producing beautiful samplers. While her enormous suitcase of samples continued to inspire and delight as we learned each technique. 17 Guild members from Juneau to Anchor Point to the Anchorage Bowl now can add some new sparkle and crackle to their weaving repertoire and can enliven our designing with this versatile and fascinating structure. Hooray! Many thanks to all the Guild members who helped make this such a success, notably Bonnie Tisler, Julie Carter and Sara Pate and to the enthusiasm of all the participants!

Spinning with Kate Larson
October 21-23, 2016 Save the date! Kate Larson Textiles

Spinning with Abby Franquemont
During Spring 2016 May 2017 Guild session, dates and details TBA. Abby's Yarns

Mentor Program: Mentors are available to assist others on specific topics: loom purchasing, planning a project, dyeing, sewing with handwovens, spinning with special fibers, spinning equipment, warping, color choices, supplementary warps, troubleshooting, knitting with hand-spun yarn, etc. Guild members can sign up to be Mentors by contacting Email Anne Brooks.

A Note about Deposits and Refunds*:

  • A deposit of fifty-percent (50%) of the workshop fee must accompany the registration, with the remaining fifty percent (50%) due the first day of the workshop.

  • Cancellations shall result in forfeiture of the deposit, unless a replacement can be found, either from the waiting list or arranged for by the person cancelling registration in the workshop.

    *per AWSG Bylaws & Policies, part VII Registrations, Deposits and Refunds