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Upcoming Workshops:

Workshop:  The Magic of Organic Dyeing (Take 2!)
Due to overwhelming interest, we are offering the Magic of Organic Dyeing Workshop a second time. 
Instructor:  Taught by master artist and AWSG guild member: Scharine Kirchoff.
Dates: Saturday 10/1, Sunday 10/2 and Saturday 10/9.
Time:  ­ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm each day
Cost: approximately $225 + Materials fee of $25
Location: Anchorage Community Works.  Details  & directions will follow to participants. 

Sign up now on Sign up Genius "2nd  Magic of Organic Dyeing Workshop. Dates October 1, 2, and 9. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0e44aeac2ba1fc1-2ndclass

In this 3 day workshop, participants will learn and practice various methods of achieving color from botanical sources. Learn how to extract optimal color with ecodyeing, blend colors, and eco­print on fibers including silk, cotton, linen, wool/felt and paper.

In addition, receive instruction and hands­on experience with methods for folding and binding fabrics/fibers to optimize color and design, as well as methods for adding supplementary surface design and texture. The techniques learned may be applied to dyeing hand wovens, handspun and commercial yarns, and vintage fabrics. Participants will have time to plan and design their own pieces.

Spinning with Kate Larson
Kate Larson Textiles
Dates: October 21 thru October, 2016
Sign up:

Spinning Sound Singles Yarns - Friday 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (half-day)
A singles yarn is, by its very nature, unbalanced. Twist is typically added to these yarns in one direction, but never balanced with plying. Why spin a singles yarn? They give us unique color blending options, interesting texture, and maximize our spinning time. Singles yarns can have drawbacks, such as decreased durability, over-twist, and reduced loft. By better understanding twist, exploring techniques, and no-fuss sampling, we can spin useful, beautiful, sound singles yarns.

Skills needed: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn.
Participant to bring: Several spindles, or a spinning wheel in working condition, and spinning accessories you typically use.
Workshop Fee: $50.00
Materials fee (additional): $10.00 for fibers and handouts

Gradient Yarns: A Spinner’s Study in Shifting Shades - Sat. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (full-day)
"Gradient: the relative increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property." Yarns with long color changes that shift slowly from one end of the skein to the other are a great spinner's challenge. There are many ways to design a gradient handspun yarn without using a dyepot. Join us as we explore five different methods for keeping colors distinct using painted tops, dyed batts, and a few blending tricks.

Skills needed: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn.
Participants to bring: Several spindles or a spinning wheel in good working condition, and spinning accessories you
    typically use. You will need handcards for this class. Several pairs will be available to borrow.
Optional: single or two-pitch handcombs and/or hackle.
Workshop Fee: $80
Materials fee (additional): $15 for fibers and handouts

Color and Creativity for Spinners – Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (full-day)
Inspiration is everywhere. The challenge for fiber artists is in translating interesting architecture, a sunset, or a memory into yarn and textiles. In this workshop, Kate will walk you through her own design process and help you begin a spinner's creativity notebook. Building upon color studies and explorations you develop in class, the workshop will cover fiber preparation and spinning techniques used to manipulate color, managing handpainted fibers for different color effects, finishing techniques, and more. You'll leave with an organized notebook filled with samples and ideas, and the tools needed to turn them into beautiful yarns.

Skills needed: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn.
Participant to bring: A spindle or working wheel, extra bobbins, and lazy kate. You will need handcards for this class—some will be available to borrow. Please bring scissors and pen/pencil. Optional: lace flyer if you have one and knitting needles, crochet hooks, or pin-looms for sampling.
Workshop Fee: $80
Materials fee (additional): $20 for fibers and materials for building notebooks

Spinning with Abby Franquemont
Spring 2016 - Dates and details TBA. Abby's Yarns

Mentor Program: Mentors are available to assist others on specific topics: loom purchasing, planning a project, dyeing, sewing with handwovens, spinning with special fibers, spinning equipment, warping, color choices, supplementary warps, troubleshooting, knitting with hand-spun yarn, etc. Guild members can sign up to be Mentors by contacting Email Anne Brooks.

A Note about Deposits and Refunds*:

  • A deposit of fifty-percent (50%) of the workshop fee must accompany the registration, with the remaining fifty percent (50%) due the first day of the workshop.

  • Cancellations shall result in forfeiture of the deposit, unless a replacement can be found, either from the waiting list or arranged for by the person cancelling registration in the workshop.

    *per AWSG Bylaws & Policies, part VII Registrations, Deposits and Refunds